About Us - Zumba Classes

Hey there, my name is John Hunter and its great to welcome you to this website. The truth is I am really a mechanic by trade but I started having a go at building and developing websites some nine years ago. Rather a significant transformation you may think nevertheless I slipped into it easily and today it just is "what I do". Whilst now and again I build websites just for the fun of it, I do however additionally try to earn a little cash from it (to fund domain names, hosting and so on). To be truthful I find it an interesting challenge, coming up with ideas and applying them.

I suspect that I'm not the only person to have gotten annoyed while viewing sites by getting persistent pop-up windows offering garbage I do not want and newsletters I would never look at, nonstop adverts and promotions rammed down my throat which has little to do with what I am in search of, and also being forced to sign up or login to do pretty much anything on many sites. I reckon you feel the same as me when the resultant spam emails start arriving and you have no choice but to expend your time day after day trashing that rubbish?

Well, whilst you will view a little promotional material here, it isn't shoved down your throat, you won't have to put up with any pop-ups, you won't be asked to join or login and you will never ever get any spammy emails or newsletters. This website isn't dynamic so the content doesn't keep moving around or take forever to load.

Simple, easy to use websites have typically been my aim, displaying content that is quick to load up and which does not feature garbage which you don't want. I am hopeful that I've achieved that here and at least you haven't been unhappy with your time here, maybe you will even have really enjoyed the experience. I sincerely hope so.

I am not a zumba instructor myself so please don't contact me with any inquiries relating to booking zumba classes or asking for zumba tuition, the site was made to advise you of the variety of ways to find the best zumba classes for yourself.

I can't recommend or endorse any specific service, I have merely given you a few methods of identifying one, the decision is ultimately yours alone.

I expect to to see you here again soon and thank you once more for visiting.